6 Ways on How to use Juicing Pulp in your Cooking

Kickstarting your morning with a fresh blend of fruit juice is very healthy and nutritious for your body. Juicing is very exciting but you don’t need to dispose of the fruit pulps. I understand the hassle of going to the grocery store, handpicking a slew of fruits, spending money and not maximizing on your purchase. Just like you, I used to be unaware of how nutritious the fruit pulp was and disposed it off not until I got inspired by alternative exciting ways of utilizing the juicing pulp. Here are easy ways on how you can use the juicing pulp in your cooking

Make a nutritious Broth


Broths are easy to prepare and richly nutritious when we add them to our diet. When you have leftover vegetable pulp after juicing, you can add it to a bone broth to enhance its flavour. You can also cook the vegetable broth with olive oil, adding a little water to it will make the vegetable moisturized and then spice it up with either natural herbs or any spices you like. Reduce the heat and let it heat for about 2 minutes and then let it cool and voala you’ll have made a homemade vegetable broth.

Use Juicing Pulp for Baking

When you love baking as I do, you must definitely try this.When you mix your fruit pulp to your dough when baking muffins, cakes or cookies. You will not only achieve a mouthwatering, moisturized tasty baked dish but also it reduces the quantity of oils usage when baking. You can also mix fruit and vegetable pulp to meat and chicken mince to create very tasteful burgers. Furthermore, you will use less minced when you prepare using the juicing pulp.

Freeze and make pulp-sicles

After you have finished masticating your fruits, it is a good practice to keep the fruit pulp away in a freezer for future use such as making a pulp-sicle. Making a pulp-sicle is really very easy. Take your leftover fruit pulp, add a little fruit juice about a quarter cup to give it flavour when it’s

frozen or else you will just be eating the frozen pulp. Pour it on an ice tray or mould it then leave it for 3-4hours. That’s it, you can pop it and enjoy your pulp-sicles

Liven and thicken smoothies


After a long day, you can mix the fruit pulp that you had saved while masticating juice in the morning in a blend with milk or yoghurt or even with more fresh fruit like raspberries to make your smoothies tastier, thicker and much healthier through the addition of fibre-rich contents of the juicing pulp.

Make tastier Scrambled Eggs

Adding vegetable pulp while preparing scrambled eggs is a great way of making a delicious, nutritiously filled breakfast. This will keep you full and energized until your next meal.

Serve it to Pets


It only makes that when you eat well so should be the foods that you serve your pets. By paying attention to what fruits and veggies your pets are allergic to, you can whip in leftover pulps in their meals and serve them a delicious meal as well.

Now that you know of these exciting ways of making use of juicing pulp in your cooking, don’t let the leftover pulps go to waste. Above all keep your imaginations open, there is much more you can do with the pulp than you know.

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